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In the “beginning,” there was the Internet

posted Jul 25, 2010 23:43:03 by Alex
1. In The Beginning...
In the “beginning,” there was the Internet (Arpanet, actually). That was for
scientists and academics.
Then came HTML and the World Wide Web. Tim Berners-Lee delivered the “Net
for the rest of us.”
As the number of Web sites grew geometrically, Search Engines (SEs) appeared
to help us find information.
Moving forward, the next step was somewhat predictable. Where people go,
marketers naturally follow... the beginning of e-commerce.
This natural progression, of course, led to the appearance of those who market
to marketers, including the “Search Engine Optimization” (“SEO”) industry.
For years, only large, well-financed companies and highly sophisticated
individuals succeeded commercially, until the most recent major step forward...
Site Build It! (SBI!)... “E-business Success. Simple. Real.”
E-commerce is simply “doing business online.” Anyone can do it, with the right
attitude, process and tools. That is exactly what you will have after reading this
booklet. It really is simple... if you stay focused and keep it simple.
Your prospective customers search for information. Meet them by providing it.
The Content
Monetization process is simple,
natural, and powerful. Most small business people start the process hoping that
it will “work” (not quite realizing yet that they make it work).
As they experience the initial trickle of visitors, they wonder. As it turns into a
torrent of PREsold customers who monetize in a variety of ways, they “get it.”
They know how and why it is all happening.
Despite their understanding, the sense of wonder remains. The ever-growing
snowball effect of a properly built C
M site is almost mystical.
There is, in fact, nothing mystical about it. The results are neither magical nor
mysterious. It just kind of seems that way, when your success grows beyond
what you had dreamed possible, beyond what “the experts” themselves achieve.
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